Video conveys a lot of information over a period of time

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Everything is moving very fast nowadays, and you must have noticed the switch from long sales pages to videos by many top marketers online to promote their latest products or services or sometimes a combination of both. So what is the buzz around this and why videos in particularly? One of the most apparent reasons why video works are because it has the personal touch; like you can now see and hear the person behind the program. Also, research shows that 65% population of the 21st-century potential customers find the video more appealing. This set of people finds the video as the perfect way to take in information by watching.

Research also shows that most visitors prefer to watch videos even though the video might take longer than reading an ordinary sales page. Another great thing is that when Google sees a big number of folks linking to a video, they will elevate the video in the search engine rankings for the primary keywords the video is tagged with as they see the videos as a high form of engagement. With that said, let’s take a look at some other major benefits of video marketing:

1. Video Gets Your Message across Better

People now live a fast pace life, everyone wants the answer faster, so if by this time you still have a sales page, landing page, or blog post that has more than two paragraphs, without a video to summarize things you’re your visitors become less likely to read it because it involves a lot of work. There are effective ways that you can make your body copy easier to understand, but the better solution is to create a video.

2. Video Helps To Establish You as An Expert

When you advertise yourself as the authority in your niche people will buy from you faster and more often. This is why you need a video and also make sure that it is valuable and as informative as possible. Why? That is because this will establish you and your company as experts in your field.

3. Video Educates People Better

You are more able to educate prospective customer the benefits of what you promote when you can show and tell. When you give your customer the resources and knowledge they need, they become informed about your product or service and will also be able to choose. By making educational videos, you skip all of these pitfalls that could otherwise cause your viewers to ignore you altogether.

4. Video Creates More Trust

Trust is very important in whatever business you do and whether or not your potential customers trust you will make a huge difference. Videos go a long way towards establishing trust especially when you have a real person appear in your videos as a client doesn’t want to buy from a company, they want to buy from a person that they can build a relationship with.

5. Video Gives You Enormous Reach Potential!

Research shows that there over 200 million people in the US watching online videos every month and that number is steadily growing every day. By making use of sites like YouTube & a host of other video sites you can hugely extend the reach of your message.

Start your video marketing today so that you can establish positive relationships with your viewers, boost your traffic, and get your message out there.