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Fusion Studios is proud to have been involved in a couple of film and Documentary projects since the company started. Since the beginning, The company and its employees are passionate about filming and creating beautiful Audiovisual projects that impact the audience. As we continue to grow, we are committed to achieving the best quality work on Film and to be able to deliver final products that will be a pleasure to watch. Most of the gear at our studio is used to give a cinematic look to any of the projects where we are involved in and to bring to the audience a dynamic yet interesting visuals that can be compared to those seen on the big screen.


Nigerian Flavors Mini-documentary


In this multi-award-winning project, Ola Bello is a Nigerian immigrant that moved to Central Florida in the early 2000s after living in Saudi Arabia for a short time. This documentary takes us through Ola’s journey of how she grew up in Lagos Nigeria to owning a popular Nigerian restaurant In Orlando Florida.

This Documentary won the FusionFest Festival 2020 and has also won other awards such as a Platinum Hermes Award in the documentary category as well as a Silver Telly Award and the same category. The story, theme and charisma of the protagonist brings together an entertaining yet incredible journey to learn from. This is a great sample of storytelling that can be very powerful when the story has the right components to support the story. One of the side notes for this project is that it was completed in 4 days, written in 1 day, filmed the next day, and edited in 2 days.

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Tactile Medical – Brand Film


This is another multi-award-winning Film produced in conjunction with Tactile Medical. The post-Cancer recovery journey is different in every case, and some patients develop a condition known as lymphedema. Tactile Medical is the company behind the FlexiTouch pump used by many patients with this condition allowing them to treat it efficiently and continue to live their lives as it was before their cancer Diagnosis.

This Brand Film won a Platinum AVA Digital Award for best Medical long form video and a Gold Hermes Award in the Medical Video Category. This is another great sample of storytelling where a great personality and a compelling story made this Film powerful and deliver a strong message not only about the company’s product but also about life. One of the side notes for this project is that it was completed in 7 days including the editing; it was written in 1 day, filmed in 1 day.
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Projectmad Documentary


One woman’s journey from Spain to the United States lends a cathartic exploration in family, home and identity. Dr. Maria Miller’s voice speaks for the 300,000 children who strive to turn poison to medicine through determination. We travel back with Maria through trials faced with a chronic disease that affects children and adults around the globe. Through faith and resilience, dreams springboard out of pain. We all have a story. We all have a dream. We all have a CHOICE. Maria’s story gives voice to all… All who suffer from a chronic disease. All who dare DREAM.

As in today, the FESTIVAL version of ProjectMAD is complete as we progress to bridge the project to television; the latest news about this project is that it has been nominated for Best Documentary for the Palm Beach International Film Festival taking place in April. When we started this project, the main thing we wanted to achieve was to spread awareness in the best way we can through a story. We will continue to update as we move forward throughout this year 2016.
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