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Fusion Studios is proud to have been involved in a couple of film and Documentary projects since the company started. Since the beginning, The company and its employees are passionate about filming and creating beautiful Audiovisual projects that impact the audience. As we continue to grow, we are committed to achieving the best quality work on Film and to be able to deliver final products that will be a pleasure to watch. Most of the gear at our studio is used to give a cinematic look to any of the projects where we are involved in and to bring to the audience a dynamic yet interesting visuals that can be compared to those seen on the big screen.


Tactile Medical – The Old John is Back - Testimonial video


This double award-winning Testimonial/documentary produced in conjunction with Tactile Medical. This video narrates the challenges and overcomes John has had over the last couple of years. His health deteriorated as well as his lifestyle. Thanks to using the Flexitouch Machine John is back to being who he used to be. A charismatic and energetic New Yorker.

Earning a Gold Communicators Award in the Health & Wellness Video category. This Brand Film is a prime example of impactful storytelling. This video also won a silver Muse Award for Health and Fitness Category.

Through a captivating narrative and the charismatic delivery of a video testimonial, it skillfully communicates a powerful message about both the company's product and the emotional life of John, a Device user. The entire filming process took place over a half- day at John's home in Queens, New York, followed by a swift two-week editing period. The result is a compelling and award-winning visual narrative.

Tactile Medical – The Old John is Back - Testimonial video

Rosen Hotels and Resorts – Recruitment video


In this multi-award-winning project, Rosen Hotels and Resorts collaborated with Fusion Studios to craft a compelling recruitment video that captures the essence of their hospitality brand. Through dynamic storytelling and visually engaging content, the video showcases the unique culture and career opportunities within Rosen. Fusion Studios brought their expertise to the project, skillfully highlighting the luxurious accommodations, vibrant work environment, and the exceptional team that defines the Rosen experience. The result is a visually stunning and emotionally resonant recruitment tool that not only attracts top talent but also communicates the values and dedication of Rosen Hotels and Resorts as an employer of choice in the hospitality industry.

Earning a prestigious Gold AVA Award in the Best Recruitment Video category, this Brand Film stands out as a stellar instance of impactful storytelling. Through a captivating narrative and the charismatic delivery of a video testimonial, it skillfully communicates a powerful message not only about the company's product but also about the vibrant life at Rosen Hotels and Resorts. The entire filming process, conducted over two days, was followed by a prompt two-week editing period, resulting in a compelling and award-winning visual narrative


Tactile Medical – FIU Football Coach and Flexitouch


This is another award-winning Testimonial/documentary produced in conjunction with Tactile Medical. The recovery journey following cancer varies for each individual, and some patients may experience a condition called lymphedema. Tactile Medical is the company responsible for the FlexiTouch pump, a device utilized by numerous patients with this condition, enabling them to manage it effectively and maintain their pre-cancer diagnosis lifestyle.

This Brand Film won a Gold Hermes Award for Best Interactive Media and Video Creativity category. This serves as an excellent example of storytelling, where the combination of a captivating narrative and a charismatic individual that bring us this video testimonial with an impactful, and potent message not just about the company's product but also about the client's life. All filmed under 8 hours and edited within 7 days after filming the story.


Tactile Medical – Living With Lipedema


This multi-award-winning was filmed in Tustin California and follows the story of Brittney, a Kindergarten teacher that has lived with Lipedema but it was only until recently that she discovered the diagnostic. In this video testimonial, she talks about her journey and how multiple doctors were unable to diagnose her with the correct disorder. More than a testimonial, this is an educational video for women that are suffering with this painful fat tissue disorder and that have not yet being able to treat it correctly.

This medical testimonial video won a Gold AVA Digital Award in the Long Form Medical Category. This video also won a Silver ADDY (American Advertising Awards) in the Film, Video and Sound Branded Entertainment category and a Silver Telly award at the 43rd Annual version of the Tellys in the Health and Wellness category. This video was developed in partnership with Tactile Medical. Tactile Medical provided the patient and the storyline and Fusion Studios developed the cinematography, shooting plan and edit to complete a clear, educational and dynamic video. This type of video is filmed with 2 cameras in a 6-hour day with minimum crew (2-3people). The final products were a 5-minutes edit for the long version and 2 more edits under the 3-minutes and 1-minute mark for social media.

Orlando TV Production Company

A Kiwi In Orlando – Mini Documentary


Another multi-award-winning project that explores the life of New Zealand, now Orlando Journalist Matthew Peddie. This mini-documentary takes us through his life journey of how he lived in multiple countries before moving to Orlando with his family. We also get to know a bit about New Zealand costumes as well as we get to cook a typical New Zealand recipe. This is a fun, yet educational documentary that gives us a better understanding of the country of New Zealand as we also get to know Matthew, his adventures and his family.

This mini-documentary won the 1st Place at the FusionFest Festival – Mygration Film Contest 2021. This video also won a Silver ADDY (American Advertising Awards) in the Film, Video and Sound Branded Entertainment category. The process to get this video going, required a 2-hour interview over zoom to understand and get to know Matt; enough so we could tell his life story under 5 minutes. After coming up with multiple life anecdotes, we settled on 7 stories that would allow us to have a good pace for the film. Most of the B-Roll was recorded at his home and the NPR Radio station where he worked at the time. The interview wasn’t fully scripted, but he knew what topics we were going to touch on. The filming took us a full 10-hours day with minimum crew (3 people) and the editing process including, motion graphics animation, color grading and music composition took us 3 days.


REV E-One – Typhoon Pumper at St. Augustine


This award-winning project shows us how modern fire trucks navigate streets designed for horse and carriages. The St. Augustine Fire Department explains how they had the need for a fire truck with a tight wheel base, amazing maneuverability and turning radius, and overall low travel height in order to serve the oldest city in the United Stated. In the video the audience can see how tight the roads are and how difficult it is to turn and drive through the streets of the 450+ years old city. We present the E-ONE's eMAX Typhoon Pumper.

This testimonial video won a Silver Telly at the 43rd Annual version of the Tellys in the Automotive Branding Category. This video also won an AVA Digital Awards Honorable Mention in the Long Form Video/Marketing category. The interesting thing about this video testimonial is how difficult is to drive a fire truck around the oldest city of the United States due to how narrow and tight most of the roads are. We drove around the city in one of the fire trucks and were able to film a variety of areas where the driver’s skills were put to test. The spokesperson is very energetic and knowledgeable and that makes the video exciting and entertaining. This type of video takes about 1 full day to film not counting scouting and preparation time.


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