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Storytelling and Video Production Company in Orlando, Florida

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Fusion Studios is an award-winning, full-service video production company based in Orlando, Florida. Our passion is to create visual projects that provide powerful messages and to help build outstanding brands. Our Clients go from Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, startups, government to create agencies. We specialize in the development of audio/visual campaigns using video, the most effective communication.

Fusion Studios was born after two entrepreneur brothers who were always looking for new ways to develop impactful video production projects, decided to combine their filmmaking and music scoring experience into one company.

Carlos Karluca Prieto is Fusion Studios’ main Film Director, with 10 years of experience creating video production projects powered by storytelling. He has been awarded multiple ADA, HERMES, and Telly awards for projects that tell a story in a thoughtful way. Besides being a film director, Karluca has more than 15 years of experience in audio and music production for video, and he writes and composes a big percentage of the music that is produced here at Fusion Studios.

Miguel Prieto is Fusion Studios’ Director of Photography and lead camera operator. For the last 10 years, Miguel has traveled the world working on Documentary Films, Nature storytelling projects, and corporate videos. His 10 years of experience in video production (with the camera and on sets) allows him to create the perfect visual experience that will tell the project’s story in a beautiful and compelling way. He has participated in many projects such as documentary films, TV commercials, and live music concerts. Miguel is a valuable asset to the main creative team at Fusion Studios and he is very knowledgeable when it comes down to film gear that’s been currently used in the market, as well as the one we used here at our Studio.

The Fusion Studios Team is powered by storytellers that will create a compelling and engaging story to reach our clients’ current and potential market through exciting storytelling and impactful video production.