Renting out a theater for your videos

Author: Fusion Studios |

Sometimes we don’t have access to the right space that we need for our shoot. A way to get quick access is to simply rent out space.

If the production company owns a studio space or a soundstage to film the videos in, they could include the space on the quote for the client. Now, if the production company doesn’t own a space, there are plenty of local places that will fit your need (for the most part).

Nowadays, anyone could find locations that have everything you already need. For example, We had a client that wanted to shoot for her keynote presentation. She is an up and coming public speaker and needed to achieve a certain look to pitch her future clients. We found a stage in a local hotel at an economical cost that had the adequate space needed for the shoot. We used the stage to have her perform her speech. We lit the stage correctly with stage lights and got her in action like she was speaking to an audience.

After, we took advantage of the space in the venue and used the lights to set up a nice background to film quick marketing videos. In these videos, the client was looking directly into the camera and with the help of a teleprompter. We used some of our lights as well with the venue’s lights to light the shot.