Location scouting for a music video

Author: Fusion Studios |

Music videos are great marketing for musicians and with it comes a lot more planning. Just recently our video production company was asked to film a music video and after our first pre-production meeting, we went location scouting to shoot some of the scenes at.

This particular music video has no side story and the artist will be featured in all of the scenes. He will be singing, walking or interacting with random people or things. Even though, it sounds simpler to film there is just as much planning than any other music video.

Some locations are out on the Beach (which it’s an hour away from our office). Those shots are reserved for the morning. We looked around near our office to find some interesting locations for the video. We went to some of the nicer neighborhoods in the are to find a public park, some sidewalks, and a bridge. We captured some pictures of the place as well as some practice shot of what we will be doing. The shots weren’t perfect because it’s just for reference for us, so there’s no need to bust out the gimbal but for the actual shooting we will be relying on it a lot.

We then went to some of the public parks in the area. One of them is the local science center park. Again we took some pictures of the area and one of us reenacted what the singer will do in the video.

We went downtown to look for some cool ally ways and other shoot locations. Having shot music videos in the downtown Orlando area before we already had an idea of what to look for and where to go. We decided to use WallStreet, which is a collection of bars, the street is paved with bricks and there are cool lights everywhere. They also have these cool lights that they turn on that stretch from one side of the building to the other, with WallStreet being in the middle. We plan to film there right before primetime before people start crowding the street.

We will keep you posted on how the shoot goes. We are still in the process of selecting the right locations with the artist.