The Importance of Music In Your Corporate Video

Author: Fusion Studios |

The music you chose to add to your video should be just as important as the video your recording at your event or commercial. Good music can easily attract views just as quick as great visuals. Even a badly shot video can do well and still attract an audience with the right music added to it; but it doesn’t work the other way around. Here at Fusion Studios, we write music specifically to go along with your video. A big majority of the projects we edit we actually make all the music in-house. We also have some music available for purchase at our Audio Jungle web store. We even shot a short film and that made it into two film festivals with all music and sound effects made by us.

The music should fit your video. For example, if you have an emotional sad testimonial, you probably shouldn’t pick a very upbeat and happy song. You need a song that can help you tell the story you are trying to tell whether it’s a product, testimonial, or a highlight reel. The song should help engage the viewer and not feel out of place. That’s a benefit of having an in-house composer writing the song for your video. We always shoot with the edit in mind, including the music choice. This way you don’t have to go on a journey to try and find the right song that fits your video, which brings me to our next point.

Having a good rhythm for your message. Finding a song that goes with the rhythm of your video can also be a challenge. Fast pace videos will need a song just as fast, but adding the correct dynamics throughout the song allows us to highlight specific areas of the message. You want the viewer understanding the message and by creating breaks, crescendos, calm passages and punchlines, you help the viewer follow the video.

Having your own customized song can help avoid any copyright issues in the future. The latest song from your favorite artist might be your first choice but unless you can talk to their lawyer and pay the royalties fees to use that Grammy-winning song, you won’t get very far before your video gets knocked out for a copyright claim. Considering that most videos are now shared through social media including sites such as Facebook and YouTube, it’s important to consider and best to avoid any copyright issues. Having the rights to a song you purchased is your safest bet when trying to promote your video online.

As you can see, finding the right music might get a little complex if you’re not careful. A good way is to go and find music you can get the rights too at websites that sell royalty free music; it may not follow the rhythm of your message, but it could be close enough. Another way is to find a video production company that has a music composer in-house; they should be able to provide design specifically for your video and your message. Here at Fusion Studios, we make our own custom songs and we also have some songs up for sale at our Audio Jungle Web Store. Remember, if you need customized music for your next corporate video, feel free to reach out to us.