Using a Gimbal To Create Cinematic Shots For Your Video

Author: Fusion Studios |

Trying to add movement to your corporate video could be more difficult then you think. Thankfully 3-axis gimbals and stabilizers have become part of the cinematic set for video production companies. These devices will help improve the cinematic quality of your corporate video. Usually, some videographers are used to using simple tripod shots. A gimbal allows smooth shots that make the camera appear like it’s floating, like in Hollywood movies. Gathering b-roll for a corporate event becomes a lot more engaging and sometimes even more interactive.

Bringing a video team that offers a gimbal to film your corporate video can make an extra difference by adding a more dynamic approach when you need to sell your event or product. It’s definitely a much cheaper attentive than trying to get the same type of shot with professional (and more expensive) movie like rigs. You can follow your subject or product through a crowded seminar or convention hall without having to carry a big and heavy gear. Having the gimbal will allow you to move faster without constantly setting up and this is a big time and money saver (something to keep in mind whether you’re the videographer or the client)

The gimbal will offer your videographer in Orlando a variety of new movements that otherwise could not have been possible a couple of years back. Before you would need a tripod or a slider to achieve similar smooth shots, and could be limited by the gear your videographer could carry. It’s always a plus when the video production company offers a gimbal for the filming of video clips during the event. The time that you save by lowering your load could be used on more elaborate shots and scenes.

Just remember that when looking for a video production company is always good to understand the type of gear they are offering to film the event. Gimbals are great to have at your event and they usually increase the value of the final video or promo.