Keynote speaker/public speaker filming – Show Reel

Author: Fusion Studios |

Here at Fusion Studios Orlando, one of our strong suits is video production for keynote speaker and public speakers. We are happy to share with all of you our new Speaker Reel. We offer a variety of ways of filming the presentation from a single static camera angle to having multiple cameras in the room. In some cases, we have filmed presentations with three and even up to four cameras. When filming with multiple cameras it allows us to include more elaborate shots such as sliders and crowd reaction shots.

It’s our job to help our clients capture the story, topic of the presentation or what the speaker is trying to portray and tell during his speech. As you can see in our reel, we have quite a few speakers ranging from motivational to instructional to even an up and coming comedian for his Netflix Special. In these kind of projects, we provide the filming but we also offer editing services for the full presentation.

Keep in mind the big difference between filming a presentation with one camera or with multiple cameras is that by having more cameras you have more angles and therefore the edit will be more dynamic in the end.