Make your video more interesting

Author: Fusion Studios |

For most corporate events we’re used to seeing the camera in one place with not much movement. The main issue with that it’s that we see the same shot throughout the video. It’s not like that kind of set up is wrong, it’s just that it can be boring and there are ways to make the video a lot more interesting for your viewers and audience. Let’s explore some things to keep in mind when trying to create a more dynamic video.

Add movement.

By adding more movement the shot automatically becomes more interest than a static shot. Production companies have the unique equipment to create some incredible moving shots. Going from simple tripods to now sliders, gimbals and cranes you will notice a big difference. With the help of the slider, you will be able to achieve some slow-moving shots (left to right and vice-versa) of the audience and it can even be used during interviews. The crane is a great way to show off your audience and the crowd that has gathered. A gimbal gives you smooth shots as you follow the subject. Wheater your subject is on or off stage, the gimbal or steady-cam gives you the ability to seamlessly follow your subject. These tools will help bring some interesting movement to your video. Be aware that adding this tools for your video might increase the cost of the production.

Make it personable.

When making a video, it’s important to have a good actor or spokesperson to convey the message in a professional matter. They will know how to add the right amount of energy to the video to keep your audience entertain. Working on a script prior to the shoot day will add organization and give your production team a guide to follow while creating your vision. Make sure your message is clear and has a good story.

Keep it professional

If you have our own camera, microphone, and lights, you can still produce a good quality video as long as you feel comfortable going on your own without anyone else’s direction. Remember that you will also need the right editing software to carry the message you’re trying to tell with the video you record. If you don’t feel comfortable filming on your own, that’s when a videographer or video production team comes in handy. They will know how to make your video more dynamic.

There’s nothing wrong with not being able to add movement to your video. However, it’s always good to know your possibilities. There is also the fact that a video production company can help you get movement incorporated in your video.