Why You Should Use a Green Screen For You Next Video

Author: Fusion Studios |

When preparing to do a video you should consider where you are going to film it. Are you going to be featuring a location, are you going to be using a solid background, or can you film on a green screen? Using a green screen has its benefits. It could save you money in comparison to trying to feature a location. It could also save you time, and time is money after all. Let us not forget also how much more interesting green screen can be compared to a solid background. Let’s review each point and its benefits.

Save Time

By using a green screen for your next promotional video you are already saving time. In some cases, our clients have to go and rent out hotel suites or additional office space to have the adequate space available for the filming. In other cases, filming at their location may not be convenient because they might have to stop working while the video production is filming there. Most green screens can be done anywhere indoors and still have the background you desire without affecting your company’s work process. Most video production companies have the tools available to create a green screen setup. Some even have a green screen background that is ready to go in seconds. This way your company doesn’t waste time looking for a space to film.

Save Money

Now by saving time, you’re also going to be saving money. We were just talking about hotel rooms and renting out extra office space. By finding a video production company that already has a green screen you’re eliminating all the extra cost of a hotel room, suites, more office space. You can also save money cause all the production company has to do is film the spokesperson in front of the green screen. Your company can even save more money if the production company doesn’t need to come to you and carry heavy expensive equipment to another location.

Green screen VS Solid background

A green screen will be a lot more entertaining than using a solid background. With a green screen, the background can be removed allowing you to choose whatever background you desire. This will also allow you to place important information on the screen with the use of motion graphics. Bullet points or graphics could be placed next to the speaker for easy reading for your audience. You can even turn this into the location you wanted to shoot in by replacing the green screen with a high-quality image or video of that location. If done correctly this will look seamless. Of course, if you have a solid background, the video production company can try and make it lose less boring by adding a spotlight or some kind of shape light against the background. But with a solid background, you still run into the issue of not being able to add motion graphics in a seamless way.

In conclusion, when looking to get a video done, ask the video production company if using the green screen is the way to go for you in order to save time and money. Most video production companies or video professionals will be happy to discuss this matter with you.