Achieving a Cinematic Look for Your Corporate Videos

Author: Fusion Studios |

Cinematic look for Corporate Videos

In this day and age, we have to be creative on how we approach any video production, especially corporate videos. Now the question is how do we add the cinematic touch to these videos.

Well first up, we need the right equipment. As opposed to just using a tripod, a slider, a steady cam or gimbal are great options. Just the simple movement of the slider moving back and forth is much more interesting than a simple static shot. When filming a product or a client talking on camera, adding some kind of steady movement to the shot will add a wow factor that can go a long way. To achieve this, the video production company has specialized gear such as sliders, gimbal, and cranes that are designed to maintain the shot stable (not shakey). Nowadays, there is a lot of video content online and everyone is already kind of used to watching single static shots and that’s why is important to adding more creative shots to stand out from everyone else. Help stand out from other production companies.

Having the right lenses and a good camera can help you achieve some good depth of field. Blur out the background and focus on the product/subject of the video makes it look more cinematic and therefore more interesting to watch. A lot of times, people don’t understand the fact that a smartphone isn’t enough because you cannot attach good quality lenses to it and also the camera on your phone is limited to some specific settings that might make it harder for you to achieve what you are trying to film. Now while most smartphones have great cameras, a smartphone can’t possibly mimic the results that good quality lenses/professional camera can produce.

As you see, having the right equipment and a few simple but effective camera movements will take your production to the next level. Sometimes it’s hard to achieve a good-looking video using the wrong gear and that’s why it’s important to hire a local video production company. These companies already have the right gear and creative processes to help your company achieve the right look and to deliver the message in a dynamic way.