Online Reputation – Jorge Cruz from Marketing Innovations Group – Let’s Talk Video

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How are people Using video in their industries?

In this interview, Jorge Cruz from Marketing Innovations Group, talks about how companies are using their reputation online to attract more customers and therefore increase sales. Jorge mentions how important it is to have video testimonials communicating how great the customer’s experience was (with your company) and also how crucial it is to ask for written reviews from current customers talking why they are satisfied working with you or your company.

One of Jorge’s strategies is to create video testimonials for his clients. As Jorge says in the interview, video expresses and delivers a lot more than just words; people connect to a human face and voice in a more organic way and therefore, the reaction to the message is more effective.

Social Media is the marketing platform of the future (but it’s happening right now) where people look for what they want to buy or who they want to work with on the internet; that’s why online reputation is so important because people read reviews and watch testimonial videos to understand what the experience with your company will be or feel like.

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