Let’s Talk Video with Bob Gregor – Virtual Chief Technology Officer at Circle Tree

Author: Fusion Studios |

How are people Using video in their industries?

In this interview, Bob Gregor from Circle Tree in Orlando, tell us a little bit about how a virtual technology officer works and the way companies can take advantage of working with a CTO. Also, Bob talks to us about how important it is for companies to have and promote online videos that will engage with their clients and customers, as well as delivering good content. Circle Tree started as a regular agency creating mostly websites and developing an online presence for companies and know that also offer CTO services to companies that are going through transition or cannot afford a full time CTO. Bob recommends companies to add video content to their online marketing plan as well as how important is to talk to the experts at any video production company in Orlando or any other place, to understand what type of video will fit their marketing objectives.

Bob also explains how videos create a more personal connection between the company and its clients or customers. Having videos representing your brand is advantageous because a large percentage of internet users prefer to watch videos in order to understand what a company does or sells and at the same time, these same videos could be uploaded to any Social Media platform to distribute and attract potential clients from the internet.

Please, feel free to visit Circle Tree’s website for more information on CTO and if your company is ready to hire one.

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