SAP consultant in Orlando Stephanie Foor– Let’s talk Video

Author: Fusion Studios |

Let’s learn about how Tech companies are using video to increase company recognition.

In this interview, Stephanie Foor from Zerion360, tell us a little bit about how SAP is helping not only enterprises but also small to mid size businesses grow. She also explains how much her company relies on web videos for different things such as company recognition, software demonstrations, and technology updates.

Stephanie also mentions how important the email signature video is because it allows people to check out in more detail what Zerion360 and SAP do for businesses. In this interview we also talk about how the email video works, and how people use it to capture other people’s attention. Sometimes, understanding what tech companies do could be difficult, but with the help of a well developed video, explaining your company’s vision become more of a dynamic and entertaining experience for those who might be looking for an upgrade on their company’s technology and/or processes.