Financial Consultant Kyle Davis (Infinite Banking) – Let’s Talk Video

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How are people Using video in their industries?

In this interview, Kyle Davis from Kyle Davis Financial, talks to us about how he promotes his financial practice with video, especially online video. He started creating videos on his own and now he uses a video production company in Orlando. The videos usually are explanatory videos that cover financial instruments and tools, mainly, for people to save for their future or their retirement.

His videos provide very important information but he deliveries it in dynamic and sometimes comedic way. For the most part, Kyle uses Social Media platforms to distribute his video like that, attracting potential investors from the internet. After watching the videos, people usually contact him through email or go directly to his website where he provides different ways for people to contact him.

It’s also very interesting how he interconnects his video blog with all the different social media channels and also how he uses the videos in face to face meetings to educate clients.

Please, feel free to watch the interview and also to visit Kyle Dais Financial’s website for more information.

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