Massage Therapist in Orlando Lu Mueller-Kaul – Let’s Talk Video

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How are people Using video in their industries?

In this interview, we annualize how companies bring and use video productions to enhance their connections with their clients. Today, we have Lu Mueller-Kaul, Owner and lead therapist at Balance Orlando. Lu talks to us about how video has bring a better understanding the type of treatment they offer at Balance Orlando.

As she tell us in the video interview, she uses a variety of videos to deliver information, demonstrates excursuses and deliver testimonials to the website visitor.

It’s interesting to see how at first Lu didn’t really believe video could offer any benefit to her business, but after talking to marketing and video experts and also talking with regular people about what the though about video, she decided to bring in a video production company in Orlando and have them film a Web Commercial that would visually show and explain the type of treatment they offer. The results have been clear to her since people always comment on the video and mention how they understood better the treatments by watching the video.

Please, feel free to watch the interview and also to visit Balance Orlando website for more information.

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