Time lapses in Chicago and Fleetwood RVs Plant

Author: Fusion Studios |

Other than making corporate video, Fusion Studios is a video production company that also specializes in time lapses videos. In most cases, time lapses give that extra cool look to the location you are filming in. Here, we have an example of time lapse in downtown Chicago at the Millennium Park.

Last month, the Fusion Studios team had the opportunity to visit Chicago and took advantage of such a beautiful location to make a couple of time-lapses in very strategic spots throughout the city. This time-lapse was filmed with a Panasonic GH4 and even though that day was raining, we had a little chance to catch the city’s movement during a couple of minutes when the rain gave us, at last, a chance to bring the gear out and start filming.

Time-lapses are usually used in TV and film productions as transitions between scenes; they provide the audience with a nice impacting break before bringing in the next scene.

Also, the team visited the Fleetwood RV’s assembly plant in Decatur Indiana where after filming a corporate video, the team was invited to go into the plant and film videos and time-lapses of the enormous location. Here we have a sample of a time-lapse filmed while the line was building a couple of RVs.

By the way, REV Recreation Group offers tours at their assembly plant in Decatur, IN. This is the best way for the company to show you how their RVs are different and why they’re better than the others. It is a very interesting behind the scenes experience to see how this Recreational Vehicles are build and how they are still build here in America. Just remember,if you are planing on passing by Decatur Indiana, do not forget to visit this plan, you won’t regret it.