We are live on the PTA (PlanesTrains+Automobiles)

Author: Fusion Studios |

We are proud to present ThePTA.com where one of Fusion Studios' video productions is being featured and you can find this micro-documentary in episode 7 of the first season of a show called Postcard.

The show is broadcasted through PTA InFlight exclusively on Delta Air Lines Studio Worldwide where 14 Million Flyers have chosen a new type of travel channel. Also through, Amazon FireTV, Roku, and in hotel rooms around the world through Sonifi.

We have featured this Documentary production before in our blog but we just wanted to feature ThePTA.com because they are doing a great job bringing you the best video-travel experience that you can access at any time thou their website and to all the other channels mentioned above.

As Fusion Studios grows here in Orlando, we continue to produce great pieces including natural and suburban beauties complementing them with great music also produces in-house.

If you would like to see the full episode please click here