Fusion Studios video recap 2021.

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As the end of this year 2021 approaches, we are getting ready to start strong for 2022. This year, we had the opportunity to produce a variety of promotional videos, and to create videos in the mini-documentary format where we got the chance to use our storytelling capabilities.

2021 was a busy year for us, or maybe it felt like that after how slow 2020 was with what was going on in the world. We didn’t get many chances to show updates of what was going on in the company; some of these changes have not only allowed us to provide a better video production service to our current and new clients but also to increase our capabilities as a video and storytelling production company.

This year we moved into a 1,500 sqft facility where we can easily set up for a wide green screen background or to build sets to create a specific feel for what the video requires. For example, for the filming of the “Rockstar” music video by Jason Furlong, We built multiple sets such as a psychologist's office, fast food restaurant, and an actual music concert stage. This video was released in August of this year and in less than 6 months it has reached about than 200K views on YouTube and more than 600K views on Facebook

  • Jason Furlong - Rockstar

We also used the space for multiple green screen projects as well as testimonials videos. It’s very convenient to have all these areas ready to go at our studio.

We also had the possibility to enter various projects into award programs and we were happy to announce that we were recognized in multiple categories. Projects such as Nigerian Flavors  Won the FusionFest film contest, a Telly and a HERMES award and A day in the life of Pastor Sonja  Won a HERMES and an AVA award

  • Nigerian Flavors

  • Tactile Medical

We want to thank everyone that trusted us with their video testimonial, music videos, marketing videos and documentary projects. We love doing what we do and we are always very happy to bring our video production and storytelling skills to you.