​​Covid Killed The Video Star (Except, Not Really)

Author: Fusion Studios | | Categories: Audio Production , Commercial Video Production , Video Production Company


It was challenging to work as a video production house during the pandemic because a lot of the work we were generally doing came to a standstill.

Events that we had booked to shoot (For example, conventions/conferences, keynote speakers, interviews, etc.) very quickly began to get canceled due to fear of people getting sick. A few of these events that could be adjusted considered moving online, which was quite challenging, but they had to get through. We then were contacted by various event production companies needing us to film in our studio a variety of keynote speakers in order to do the event virtually. We were filming the keynote speakers at our studio, sometimes streaming live and others we would just deliver the footage to the client so they could edit the presentation into their virtual event. However, it was still challenging because there were a bunch of shoots we had previously booked that got canceled.

There were a lot of changes we were adapting to so we could get as much as possible done through the lockdowns and curfews. We found that we had to incorporate assurance to clients that we could operate and serve in a friendly and Covid sensitive way, such as using PPE, implementing social distancing measures to make any potential client as comfortable as possible and using minimum crew at our shoots. 

During the initial lockdown of the pandemic, we realized that working remotely was the best bet to be the safest as possible. But we quickly realized that this wasn’t going to work because we would constantly have to send over different cuts of the same video to each other, and if there were any changes (even the tiniest of details) that would be another cut we’d have to make rendering the post-production process a drag. We were also being contacted to film at our studio and also a lot of our edits were meant to be done in the most powerful computer we had and those are at the office.

Working from the office was the obvious solution but social distancing and mask-wearing, if someone felt sick, became part of the norm, especially if clients physically came into the studio for a shoot. Furthermore, there were challenges that we had to overcome while we were working from the office with the new rules and the restrictions that everyone had to follow. Going into the third year of the pandemic, things have looked a lot better, people have been more relaxed and events and conventions are coming back.

On the other hand, we had multiple projects coming our way during the pandemic like commercials and music videos that somehow kept us busy and at float during 2020 and 2021.

Now in 2022, we’re generally pretty open to in-person meetings, and a lot of the time it’s the preferred method, but if there is a client who has been unwell recently, we consider meeting them virtually. Additionally, we do have clients who are against meeting a person for personal health reasons, or they do not want to take any chances because they might get sick, and we do not mandate in-person meetings. If we have clients who prefer communicating with us remotely, we work with that and find the best way to communicate with them. While we prefer using Zoom, we adapt to their requirements and find the best platform to communicate and get the job done.

For the type of work we handle, it might not be the best idea to participate in virtual events or expos. However, we see benefits to attending them and learning a thing or two whenever possible or using them as networking opportunities.

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