Why You Shouldn’t DIY Video Production

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Creating a video for an online commercial, music montage, or corporate film can enhance brand equity and build a loyal audience. However, many individuals think they can create a professional video by simply renting gearing and putting together the footage themselves.

Unfortunately, renting or buying equipment is more expensive than people think. In addition, an amateur video will not create the desired impact.

Therefore, at Fusion Studios, we believe that if you need to make a captivating video, then it’s best to call in a professional videographer. Not convinced? Please take a few minutes to learn why you shouldn’t DIY video production.

Risk of severe injury

Using heavy gear, tinkering with electricity, or incorrectly setting up lighting can cause severe injury. Also, insurance policies are needed in case of physical injury or gear/ property damage.

Lack of technical knowledge

Poorly recorded audio and camera compositions can considerably reduce the quality of the video. Also, most people don’t have an eye for shaping and softening lighting that can best fit the scene.

While the technical issues could get fixed in the post-production process with editing, it would require knowledge of complex software and techniques. Also, an understanding of the camera’s basic functions and specific settings is needed.

Do things right - Hire a professional!

We hope you’re now considering hiring a professional for your video production needs. Professionals are experts in their field and therefore bring the experience and technical knowledge required for such jobs.

They’ve gone through all the setbacks that come with learning the craft and can help guide you to your intended goal without all the frustrations. They can also save you lots of money in the long run by providing the expertise and gear required for projects.

The size of your project will determine if you need an individual or a team. A promotional video can get accomplished in good quality with one or two videographers. However, if the project is on the scale of a corporate film or a large event coverage, a team of experts who work well together could be the better option.

For example, for one of our videographers to produce high-quality content for a conference highlights video, the starting price could be between $750 and $1,300 (not including editing). If the project needs more time, attention, and people, these factors can increase the cost considerably.

If you’re looking for a full video production house in Orlando, Florida, reach out to Fusion Studios. We specialize in creating award-winning projects, and our services include commercial video production, corporate film, mini-documentaries, web commercials, and time-lapse photography.

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