A Beginner’s Guide To Video Production

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Creating amateur videos these days is as easy as hitting record on your iPhone’s camera. Still, if you are interested in pursuing video production as a professional career, there’s much more to it. Whether you are making a 30-second social media video or a full-length feature film, there is a lot of planning involved in making a video. As experts in the field, we at Fusion Studios want to teach people how to look and sound appropriately on video. This is why we have written down a beginner’s guide to video production. 

Getting Started

Hire a professional: Hiring a professional avoids going through the learning curve associated with understanding what camera to get, learning how to use it (even if it’s a smartphone), how to control lighting, and also how to record sound. It also saves you time in understanding the appropriate storytelling style and the filmmaking techniques used to make videos stand out.

Invest in a camera: If you still want to go the DIY route, the first thing that is needed is a camera. It’s important to figure out the type of camera and quality image that is wanted for the video. Some smarts phones nowadays have enough resolution to deliver a good quality image, but they might lack the ability to control the light coming in through the lens, the white balance, the blurriness in the background (bokeh), and other things that keep the image steady. It’s important to research and read through reviews to understand if the camera you are looking at is the right one for you. This is followed up by a tripod where you can set the camera and keep it still while recording. After that, a 3-point lighting set and a good lapel mic are needed.

Next Steps 

Plan your setup: First, you have to find a space that is quiet, with not too many windows (so light is easier to control) and big enough for you, the tripod, and the lighting setup to fit in. Second, set up the biggest light in front of the subject at a 45-degree angle to the right and the other big light on the opposite side, still in front of the subject but a bit to the opposite side of the other light. The camera should be right in between both lights. And third, make sure you test audio before you start filming so you can fix any problems right then and there.

Take someone with you: The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should get someone to help you, at least to set up so you can get the light to the right intensity, the sound to the right volume, and fix the camera frame (based on the subject)

Pay attention to every detail: A mistake many people make is not paying attention to the sound while recording. for example, If a loud sound comes through the video while you are recording, this is going to distract the audience from your message. Of course, you will have to watch what you have recorded (since you don’t have a professional there guiding you through the process and reviewing the takes), so if you are not happy with the take, you would have to record it again and again until you are satisfied with the outcome. Also, remember to always try to get the message as clear and condensed as possible so you don’t spend too much time editing the video.

Advice From The Pros

Editing is key: Now we come to the other side of video production, editing. For this, a computer and software are needed to cut and paste all the clips recorded. This part of the process also has a bit of a learning curve, but the real downside of it is that to make the final video stand out, not only creativity, but the amount of time you put into the process plays a very important role, so you have to make sure you put in a lot of effort into the editing process. 

Budget yourself: As a professional, I would say do not spend too much money getting the best camera, light, microphone, and editing software; just keep it simple. Start with a camera that has a zoom lens integrated (so you don’t have to buy multiple lenses) and a set of soft boxes lights that will give you just the right amount of light needed. Just try to read through the reviews with the microphone because a cheap microphone can be as bad as not having one. As far as editing software, there are multiple options out there, and honestly, there are free ones that will allow the video to be edited enough so that it won’t feel like you are spending more time learning to understand the software than actually editing.

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